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12 Alex

Meet Alex.

  • Dreams of being: A baker
  • Always in the mood for: Ice cream
  • After high school: On to college
  • Loves to be: Active and outside

Alex is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family.

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Alex was excited to lend her voice to her on video project. Music thanks to Spekulation.

Sit down to chat with Alex, and you will have no problem getting to know this young lady relatively quickly. She dreams. She plays soccer. She’s outgoing. She bakes. Alex is great at sharing and she sat down with us to discuss her thoughts on people, her future, and the best kind of cupcake.

Alex is a high school student who has big plans for what comes next. She does want to go to college (shout-out to Washington State University – future Coug on your hands) and she has some pretty exciting career goals in mind. Baking is her passion, and though owning a bakery is one of her dreams, Alex also wants to be a full-time financial advisor. She understands the importance of financial stability, particularly as a future business owner!

Often trying new things, Alex says she's a willing and eager teenager. "If you throw something at me, I'll do it.”


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But baking is still a major part of her present and future. Her yet-to-be-named bakery will specialize in bread, cupcakes, and cookies. Alex’s favorite thing to bake is a toss-up between her famous chocolate chip cookies, where she just “kind of adds everything” to them and her s’mores cupcake, which includes a cream cheese marshmallow frosting that absolutely sounds like something you would buy in a bakery. Alex discovered her love of baking through her grandmother, who recently taught her how to make homemade donuts – add that to the ever-growing list of her specialties.

“You have to be willing to get hot,” Alex wants you to know about being a baker. Baking is harmonious, which means you have cake, cupcakes, bread, and cookies all going at the same time. It can get hot in there, but a bakery is a place for warmth and comfort after all. Alex is willing to sweat it out for her bakery.


“I like a lot of sports, but my favorites are soccer, and dance and cheer.” Alex discovered soccer last year and really loves it, even though she says she’s still figuring it out. “I have good sportsmanship, but I’m kind of scared of the ball,” she says with a smile. More importantly, she loves running and she loves teamwork because, after all, she loves people.

Alex enjoys high school. She is most confident in art, which is her favorite elective, and math, which is really her priority, especially as a baker. In her art class, Alex is drawn to splatter paint and modeling clay. At home, she paints when she has the time. Alex works hard in school to keep her grades up.

The summer is Alex’s season to shine. Not only does it include her birthday month, but she enjoys sun, swimming, and ice cream. Ice cream is a treat she’ll enjoy any time of year, but as Alex says, “it tastes best in the summer.”

Alex wants to be adopted. Though she makes the most out of any situation, she is really honest when it comes to her thoughts on being a teen in foster care. Alex is craving a bit of stability, an opportunity to be a member of a family, to be able to invite her friends over. A family who likes to chat, to get to know one another, who spends time together – that would be the family for Alex. A family who can support her dreams of going to college, pursuing baking, or whatever else she dreams of in the future. Alex deserves a home to invite friends to, a place to bake cookies and cupcakes, to practice her art. Most of all, Alex deserves a family and a place to call home.

Beyond the Profile: The phrase that comes to mind, when reflecting on the time Alex and I spent together, is “all-in.” From the start, Alex was all-in. She fearlessly said ‘yes’ to sharing part of herself and her story directly with families – no small task for a teenager. And her enthusiasm is so evident in her video and profile, as she moves from topic to topic – baking, school, pet peeves, Halloween costumes, even what it’s like being in foster care. Her composure, authenticity, and openness makes her project truly unique to her. Her bubbly personality, and matching smile, could never be captured in a just a paragraph or a picture. I’m so excited Alex got to share part of what makes her who she is – and that you get to hear it from her.
-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner

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In-Depth Profiles are a recruitment collaboration between the Northwest Adoption Exchange and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

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