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14 Elijah

Meet Elijah.

  • Expert in: WWII history
  • Might want to be: A teacher
  • Loves: Dogs and animals
  • Relaxes with: Video games and movies

Elijah is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family.

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Elijah helped create his own video to help families get to know him.

When you sit down to chat with Elijah, you should have a notepad with you. He will effortlessly rattle off the deepest and most interesting facts about history – enough to make you realize that maybe you didn’t pay much attention in history class in school. Elijah has been fascinated by history since he was a little kid. Particularly the World War II era. He can wax eloquent about pieces in a museum; he knows the name of the biggest WWII artifact collector in the country. He knows, well, just about everything there is to know about that time period (don’t miss him saying this in his own words in his video above!).

Elijah is funny. He’s knowledgeable, and welcoming, and super easy to talk to. He speaks with intention and confidence, he is mindful and open to hearing what other people think. He’s kind and patient and is really dedicated to his own emotional maturity.

Pick any three places in the world to visit? Elijah already knows: “Berlin, Germany. The border of Russia and Germany. France, the area that borders the defensive line where the main WWII battles took place.”

Elijah has a hidden talent he wanted to show off.

Conversation comes easy with Elijah. He’ll scroll through Netflix and point out his own recommendations (horror, action, drama!). Next thing you know you’ll be discussing his fascination with cars, as he points out that the model of an older car is just far more impressive and stylistic than today’s modern ones. He exudes a quiet confidence and enjoys sharing his thoughts and opinions (for instance, the Marvel comic universe is far superior to DC).

In school, Elijah has retired his football shoulder pads and will be moving on to cross country. He is looking forward to training again, and will focus on long range runs, which seems like a good fit for such an athletic teen. In class, his favorite subjects are math, language arts, and science. He has a love/hate relationship with math, but he will hit you with math facts just for fun, quickly proving that he is after all, a calculated thinker.

Elijah smile

Teaching is something that interests Elijah; he likes to impart his gaming knowledge on anyone who is interested. He mentions that he might be interested in teaching as a career, whether that be full Axis & Allies courses (the dream!), or maybe world history. Elijah is naturally compelling – it’s not hard to imagine him capturing the attentions and imaginations of a classroom full of eager-to-learn students.

Being outside is important to Elijah, and he notices the most fascinating aspects of nature. He really likes how you can see all of the stars in the sky when you are in a more rural area. Elijah longboards, he runs, he has a deep understanding of all things technological. One glance at a laptop and he’ll tell you what year it was released and when you can expect it to finally peter out. He reads often (sci-fi and romance novels mostly, he says). A bin of legos is never too far from him. And video games are usually his go-to activity to chill out.


Family is important to Elijah, which becomes very clear when he tells stories about his own. He maintains contact with a few significant relatives, and would appreciate an adoptive family who helps him nurture those bonds.

In an adoptive family, Elijah is looking for a great single dad or a loving couple who can hang out with him, discussing everything from technology to the facets of history that captivate him the most. Elijah is a dog-person, especially really big ones and he would love to have pets in his family. He is kind and patient with dogs, and they immediately respond with respect and love. A family who can give Elijah the kind of permanency he deserves will be the best fit for him.

If you are interested in learning more about Elijah – and you should be! – please let us know. We are really excited to find this hilarious, intelligent teen the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: Anything I share about my time spent with Elijah will be brief, because he has been able to put so much of himself and his own voice into this profile. The first thing I noticed about Elijah was just how warm and receptive he is – to me and anyone else. Quick to strike up a conversation, quick to laugh and share his interests. Elijah is just a really enjoyable teenager to be around. He’s comfortable and confident in his own skin, and it was just an undeniable privilege for me to get to help him use his own voice to reach potential adoptive families.
-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner

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