In-Depth Profiles

In-Depth Profiles

At NWAE, our main goal has always been to find adoptive families for youth living in foster care. With In-Depth Profiles, our goal remains the same, but we are giving youth a platform to make their voices heard.

In-Depth Profiles empower youth living in foster care to tell their own stories. To inspire with their own words. By creating these stories together, we are able to present potential families a stronger, more comprehensive, more authentic picture of each featured youth.

Let's find them the adoptive family they deserve.

32 Vashanti

Meet Vashanti.

31 Ismael

Meet Ismael.

30 Mahrea

Meet Mahrea.

29 Phillipe

Meet Phillipe.

28 Corey

Meet Corey.

27 Pete

Meet Pete.

26 Dexter

Meet Dexter.

25 Jessy

Meet Jessy.

24 Xander

Meet Xander.

23 TJ

Meet TJ.

20 Destini

Meet Destini.

19 Simon

Meet Simon.

18 Donovan

Meet Donovan.

16 Raven

Meet Raven.

04 Robert

Meet Robert.

03 K Lee

Meet K-Lee.

02 Riley

Meet Riley.