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06 Grace

Meet Grace.

  • Self-proclaimed: Bookworm
  • Loves: All things cats and animals
  • Favorite books: Harry Potter
  • Dreams of: Being a National Geographic Photographer

Grace is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family.

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Grace hosted her own podcast episode to share with families, and even invited a couple of her favorite adults to join her as guests.

Grace is a bright, creative teenager with a great imagination and sense of humor. A self-described bookworm, she can often be found with her nose in the middle of the latest and greatest fantasy novel. Reading for pleasure is her go-to activity. “Harry Potter,” “Ready Player One,” “Red Rising” and the “His Fair Assassin” series are among her favorites. In addition to reading, Grace is happy curled up inside watching television, or getting out and being active outdoors.

Grace is a talented artist and enjoys painting, drawing, craft making, and any number of artistic activities (Check out the video below to see her show off her skills!). She loves animals of all kinds, particularly cats, and enjoys learning about them. She even keeps a collection of stuffed animals in her room. Grace would love to live on a farm, or near an animal shelter where she could volunteer; she’s gentle with all creatures and truly cares for them. Her social worker believes Grace could benefit greatly from being around animals, such as dogs and horses, in a therapeutic environment.

Asked for three things she loves and would want in an adoptive family, Grace says: "hugs...books...and animals."


Above portrait and header portrait by Yuen Lui.

Grace is kind, thoughtful, and looks out for her friends. Those who know her well admire her willingness and desire to stand up for others. Grace is in high school and enjoys being there. She is very smart and has been praised for her critical thinking skills, as well as her ability to share her thoughts and ideas. She also has a great vocabulary and can be quite the conversationalist! One of her greatest passions is cooking. Grace would love to pursue a culinary arts program in the future. An adoptive family who can advocate and encourage Grace’s goals for the future will be a great fit.

There are a few biological family members that Grace would like to stay connected with. An adoptive family who can support these bonds will be essential.

The best family for Grace will have the experience and skills to coach and guide her in creative ways. A family who is willing to utilize their resources and support Grace as needed will be a nice fit. Grace appreciates adults in her life that she can be open and honest with. She very much wants to be adopted.


Portrait by Yuen Lui.

Beyond the Profile: Grace was a wonderful collaborator on her profile. When we met, she found a creative idea she was comfortable with (creating a podcast!) and then showed real initiative by choosing some of her favorite adults to join her and being a fun, self-reflective host. Grace’s finished profile is one of my favorites, because it creatively and authentically reflects how she wanted to share some of herself and her story with potential families. Grace is a teenager who is looking forward to living into these fun and empowering years of her life. I hope her podcast and profile allow you to get a real glimpse into her personality, passions, and strengths.
-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner

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