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19 Simon

Meet Simon.

  • Self-taught: Musician/songwriter
  • Could talk for hours on: Anime
  • Excited for: His driver's license
  • Wants to: Be adopted

Simon is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family.

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Simon had big ideas for making his own podcast, so we created our own studio and pressed play!

What do the piano and the ukulele have in common? Yes, they are both musical instruments, but even more exciting – Simon knows how to play them both. Simon is incredibly musically inclined and continually impresses everyone around him with his ability to teach himself something new. Though he has played the piano for years, Simon just received a ukulele for Christmas and has already taught himself how to play numerous songs. It’s clear that music is meant to be a big part of his life. Learning how to play the guitar is next on Simon’s list of musical goals.


Snacks are a critical part of any podcast session, and Simon was ready to multitask.

Simon also writes his own lyrics. He has an amazing singing voice and loves to show it off with a bit of karaoke. His talent is not so much a hidden one. Simon is in the school choir and recently wowed everyone with his vocal range at a concert. Writing music, playing music, singing music – Simon is amazing.

Currently in high school, Simon’s favorite class is choir, which probably comes as no surprise at this point. Simon is also continually making progress in his other academic ventures and does very well with structure, routine, and support from his teachers and mentors. Simon also participates in a community learning program after school which provides him with an extra chance to learn and be social.


The many faces of Simon..

Simon tends to be a bit reserved when he meets someone new, but in seemingly no time at all, his bright sense of humor and natural warmth shines through. Simon really connects with animals and has even worked in a program with horses, which he has really enjoyed. In his free time, Simon also really enjoys participating in community activities, particularly at the Boys & Girls Club, which he has attended for a few years. Simon is looking forward to the next few years of his life as he learns a bit about becoming an adult, including – most excitingly – getting his driver’s license! He hopes to enroll in driver’s ed sometime in the next year.

Simon has a really close relationship with a few key biological family members. He would like to maintain those relationships and would appreciate an adoptive family who will support those bonds throughout his life.

Simon is a caring, fun-loving, smart teenager who would really like to be adopted. In recent months, Simon has made noticeable progress when it comes to expressing himself and would do really well with a family who can encourage his growth while providing him with the support he needs. Simon is a passionate kid with a lot of interests –everything from music to computer games—and would be a great addition to any kind of family. Simon’s culture is important to him, so a family who understands his culture or can provide him with the opportunity to learn more about his heritage would be an especially great fit. Simon would be happy in an adoptive family with any number of siblings, older or younger, and definitely a home with a few pets! If you are interested in learning more about this incredibly talented kid, let us know! We are excited to find Simon the right adoptive family.

Beyond the Profile: An In-Depth Profile gives a teenager a chance to share a part of who they are on their own terms. For Simon, a podcast was the perfect medium. From the first time we met, he was asking thoughtful questions, listening, and visualizing just how he would want to share something with potential families. A podcasting session gave him the space to be himself, and gave us the time to talk deeply about what he pours his time and energy into, and what’s been on his mind lately. As I hope you can tell from the recording, I had such a blast hanging out with him to perfect our podcasting skills. He is hilarious and thoughtful and talented. And while the point of the podcast was to give him a platform to share, so often he turned questions around to me, genuinely interested in hearing my thoughts and favorites about our topics. I don’t know too many adults, let alone teenagers, who are so genuine. I’m so glad you can meet the real Simon, on his terms.
-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner

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In-Depth Profiles are a recruitment collaboration between the Northwest Adoption Exchange and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

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