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22 Bryce

Meet Bryce.

  • Not-so-secret Talents: Drawing and poetry
  • Loves: Animals, esp. dogs
  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Ideal family: Affirming and accepting

Bryce is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family.

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Bryce is a talented artist and wanted to share a personal statement with families.

Bryce is a huge fan of animals and spending time with as many loving beings as possible. In the past, Bryce has volunteered weekly at an animal rescue farm where he has been able to meet and dote upon some of his favorite creatures. Though he loves all animals, grooming the alpacas is a particular favorite pastime of Bryce’s (see his picture below!) and just one of the many things that make this teen so warm and unique.


It's no secret: Bryce loves animals (and they love him too!).

Given the opportunity to contribute and share a part of himself with potential families, Bryce bravely said ‘yes’ and thought deeply about how he wanted to share. He loves drawing and art – so he compiled some of his favorite creations to share. He is always taking pictures – so he picked out a collection of photos he’s taken. He’s a strong advocate for himself and proud of his identity – so he wanted to include his own personal statement. Bryce’s fingerprints and involvement are all over his profile, because he wanted families to meet the real him.

Bryce approaches the world with a positive lens and is typically very happy and engaging with those around him. He has a passion for so many things – photography, gaming, pets. When asked what makes him most happy, Bryce is quick with the list: food, good music, animals (of course!), having a haircut he likes, affection. When asked what is most important to him, he’s emphatic to express his appreciation for anime, bands, ice-cream, “learning new stuff,” and his friends. In fact, friendship is vital to Bryce and is a big part of his life. His friends and peers are a huge source of Bryce’s livelihood. He finds relief, joy, and acceptance through his connections.


Bryce is attentive to what's around him, and loves to take pictures - these are some of his favorites.

Recently, Bryce has grown much more comfortable in his gender identity, as a transgender teen, and using he/him pronouns in all aspects of his life. His involvement and affiliation with the Gay Straight Alliance at school, which he was club president of in junior high, has been a very positive place for him. Bryce appreciates his GSA for providing support, camaraderie, and a chance to lead and help others. Bryce’s gender identity is really important to him and it is crucial for him to have an adoptive family who encourages and loves him for who he is.


Bryce had many pieces of his own original artwork he wanted to share with families!

Currently in high school, Bryce is a great student who has said that he really wants to be successful in school. With future dreams of being a high school teacher, so he can continue to support and motivate teenagers, Bryce takes his education seriously. His teachers say he is “bright and capable” and they all view him as a pleasure to have in class. Between his association with the GSA, his friendships, and his love of learning, it’s no wonder Bryce enjoys school so much. Bryce is currently learning Japanese and is really fond of the language, especially as it ties into his love of anime.

Bryce is a positive, caring, intelligent young teen who has made huge strides in recent years. With an adoptive family, he will continue to grow and bring so much light to the world. An adoptive family who can provide Bryce with security, support, and love – and maybe the occasional s’mores Frappuccino – would be a great fit for Bryce. Bryce would like a family who is open and accepting of his identity; though a family who also enjoys learning about Japanese culture would be a bonus! If you are interested in learning more about this awesome kid, let us know. We are excited to find Bryce the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: In-Depth Profiles are platforms for teenagers in foster care to be themselves. To ensure they get to make their own introductions to families looking to adopt. Bryce is a teen who seized his platform. Soft-spoken, thoughtful, creative – it was obvious Bryce is all of these and more during the times we got to spend together. I was blown away by Bryce’s courage and vulnerability to share core parts of his identity, what he’s passionate about, and his hopes for his own future. Stories are always most powerful when they are told by those living them. Bryce’s art, his photography, his words – they are all part of his storytelling. I’m hopeful they give you a glimpse into this great teenager who’s looking for his adoptive family.
-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner

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