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24 Xander

Meet Xander.

  • Always has: A sketchbook nearby
  • Preferred pronouns: They/them
  • Favorite 'Hamilton' song: 'The Room Where It Happens'
  • Ideal family: Accepting, supportive, respectful.

Xander is excited to share some of their story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family.

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Xander shares about their love of art, passion for drama, and the importance of family.

How many people, let alone teenagers, do you know who are multi-talented artists – skilled in drawing, painting, and even performance? Well, count Xander among that list. They are comfortable and composed in all settings – whether sketching a self-portrait, blending watercolors, or belting out another showtune. They are a thoughtful, talented teenager who wanted to introduce themselves to potential adoptive families.

Spend just a little time around Xander, and you’ll soon hear what is important to them. For instance, their identity. Xander is candid in discussing their gender identity and their preference for they/them pronouns. It is important, they say, that a family is accepting and supportive of who they are. “As long as they respect my pronouns and just respect me, then I’m fine,” Xander says.


Xander's smile remains the same, no matter which hairstyle or color..

Xander has a contagious energy and spark for life that fills a household. “You really take the cake on bringing the party,” Xander’s previous foster parent says to them in a recent conversation. “It’s been really fun (to have Xander in house),” they say, and point to Xander’s kindness and involvement with other young kids, as well as their regular singing and dance parties. Xander brings so much to a family.

Xander’s passion for creating art is evident, as is their talent as they flip through their sketchbook. It’s full of masterful recreations, original drawings, and plenty of rehearsing of the small details (e.g. how arms and legs look as they move and bend in action). Xander has taught themself how to draw over time, and a skill like theirs only comes with lots of practice and dedication to their craft.

Passionate about theater, Xander performed some selections from the opening number of 'Hamilton.'.

And then there’s theater. “It’s in between a passion and a hobby,” Xander says. A longtime interest in drama finally convinced them to sign up for some beginning drama classes in high school and the rest is history. Xander’s dedication to theater has only gotten bigger – after taking their first drama class, they enrolled in a week-long theater camp, only furthering their love of the art. They have done Hamilton, Rent, and Heathers – a good resume that clearly shows off their range and talent. (Don’t miss Xander showing off all of these skills in the video above!)

Xander has a close relationship with their biological siblings. An adoptive family who can support those meaningful bonds now and in the future will be essential.

It’s clear that Xander is a strong advocate for themself and their siblings. They are a positive, energetic, talented person who would really like to be adopted by a family who can continue to inspire and uplift them and their goals. As aforementioned, Xander is looking for an adoptive family who can support and accept them for who they are. (Maybe bonus points if they are theater lovers!)

If you can envision singing along to 'Hamilton' with Xander, and helping them walk through their later teenage years, please reach out to us! We’re excited to help find Xander the right adoptive family.

NWAE Youth Engagement Specialists, Nick and Brandon, chat about what it was like to work with Xander on their In-Depth Profile..

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