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26 Dexter

Meet Dexter.

  • Future dream: Becoming a chef and starting a food truck
  • After high school: Begin college
  • Prides himself as: A good student
  • Hopeful for: An adoptive family

Dexter is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family.

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Dexter reflects on who he is, what's he's hopeful for in the future, and his desire to be adopted.

Dreams for his future, a passion for cooking, an innate desire to spend his time and energy well – you’re going to get to learn a lot about Dexter. He seized a chance to create and collaborate on his own In-Depth Profile, so he could be the one to introduce himself to families.

Dexter has goals he’s working toward in his future. First up: finish high school strong and graduate with the good grades he’s maintained so far. Next? Start community college and hopefully transfer to a university so he can pursue a degree in culinary skills and/or business. That’s right, Dexter has a passion for food – creating it, serving others. He can see himself working as a chef in the future, saying, “cooking makes me happy.” Watching him in the kitchen preparing a meal, you can see his confidence, skill, and savvy on full display (don’t miss his cooking demonstration video here on his profile!). He’s a gracious narrator as he cooks, describing what goes into his creativity and even possible plans in the future for opening and working in a food truck.

Dexter has a passion for food and aspirations to be a chef. So he was all in on the chance to show families his skills in the kitchen and create his own cooking demonstration video.

Dexter’s been involved in sports throughout his teenage years – football most recently, but he has a pretty fluid jumpshot on the basketball court as well. He is quick to reflect on how sports teams have been a positive influence in his life. Sports and exercise are great ways for him to burn off energy and unwind from school. Dexter is a teenager that treats his time with intentionality. Video games to mellow out? Sure, he says, but only for limited chunks of time before he needs to get up and be active – whether that means taking a walk in the neighborhood or riding his bike to hang out with friends.

While Dexter describes himself as “shy,” he has a thoughtful and laid-back demeanor that people gravitate to. As an upper classman in high school now, Dexter sees that he has become a leader amongst his peers, encouraging him to ‘step up a bit’ and lead by example or give advice to younger kids. It might not always feel natural he says, but he still steps into the role for others. He has many interests – reading, the wide world of comic books (he used to work in a comic shop!), sports (his favorite football team is the Texans), you name it. Dexter is admittedly proud of the person he is today and the care he puts into life, friendships, and his future.


The sign of a great cooking show host is their willingness to snap a silly, obligatory oven mitt pic!

As an older teen in foster care, Dexter wanted to share specifically that he is open to adoption at this stage in his life, and desires to find a permanent family to finish high school with and move into young adulthood. He would likely thrive with a family who can help him achieve all of the goals he has in mind for his future.

Dexter has a close relationship with his former foster dad and would like to maintain that bond throughout his life. An adoptive family who will support that relationship would be great. Dexter would do well in an adoptive family with a strong male role model and an older sibling or two – though he would do well as an only child as well. An adoptive family who enjoys sports, will champion Dexter to keep doing his best, and provide love and support would be the best fit.

If you can envision Dexter in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

NWAE Youth Engagement Specialists, Nick and Brandon, chat about what it was like to work with Dexter on his In-Depth Profile..

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In-Depth Profiles are a recruitment collaboration between the Northwest Adoption Exchange and the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families.

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